Who am I?

That is the quesiton: To be or not to be, an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force, matter is neither created nor destroyed but rather changes form, I think therefor I am, what is dead my never die.

This particular blob of subatomic particles is called Barmey (pronounced Bar-May).  I am a Cambodian-American composer: a nomad of audio dimensions, an aural chameleon, a sculptor of frequencies.  I write music and design sound for media.

Before I got to where I am now, I dedicated more than 15 years of my life to playing the guitar, specializing in classical guitar.  On first listen to classical guitar music in 2002 (particlarly "Koyunbaba" - Carlo Domeniconi / "Libra Sonatine" - Roland Dyens), I was astonished.  I just never knew guitar could sound like that, and I was hooked.  I saw the potential in it and thought there was so much to say that hadn't been said yet.  I studied it intensely.  I traveled the world performing it.  I created my own prog rock band (Kmang Kmang) centered around it. I got grants.  I made music videos.  I worked with artists and dancers.

But around 2014, my relationship with it grew complicated. Before, I dabbled with creating concert music for other ensembles such as the Cleveland Orchestra, Midwest Conservatory Children's Orchestra, Gaudete Brass Quintet, Bach and Beethoven Ensemble, and many more.  I wanted to go back to that and expand on it.   I wanted to write different styles with different instruments and create an entirely new vocabulary of sounds, with orchestras, electronics, technology, and whatever else I could wrap my head around.

From then on, I decided to dedicate myself to composing for media, and I embraced a whole new world of collaborations.  That's me, always in the hunt.

So tell me who you are.  Let's change the world together!


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